Norén, Fredrik

Fredrik Norén’s work deals with the values and funtions of different surfaces and objects around us. By using the shape of items from our close environment, he asks questions about the way in which we view our surroundings and how this view changes when an object’s symbolic value changes. He investigates how different form-based languages communicate with us on a symbolic level and how this symbolism can subsequently be altered or erased.

Many of his works use traditional “illusionist painting,” where he attempts to develop older techniques and draw them out of their original, practical context into a new one.

Layers/Frames (white inverted)
Enamel paint and oil on mdf, 70x70 cm, 2008

Spackling and oil on mdf, 218x75 cm, 2007

Takeout (detail)

Layers/Broken pattern
Acrylic and oil on mdf, 2008

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