Holmstrand, Leif

My name is Leif Holmstrand and I am a writer and artist born in 1972, living in Malmö. The means of expression I work with and combine include performance, photography, text, video, sound and sculpture. When previously asked to describe my work, I have called it “…a dreamlike dissolution of gender, in which I try to find and push both the cultural and biological the limits of the body."

150 x 190 x 90 cm

Inside the Little Black Dress
Approximately one and a half meters high

100 x 200 cm

Self Portrait (She Lies i Pieces)
About one and a half meters lying objects.

Final Table Rest
Mixed media
100 x 90 x 42 cm

Itch Yes
Height about 160 cm depending on the gradient

Untitled (Anadyomene)
Variable surface, about 1,2 meters high

Voyager 1
175 cm long object hanging in Bengenäs limestone quarry


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