Andreas Poppelier

”You Have Found Happiness In Slavery Congratulations To You”

3 may - 28 may. Opening 3 may. 12-16.

Thoughts go back to the books from your childhood, cartoons and fables. The secrets of the forest entice, as well as its mystical animals, both real and imaginary. The same objects and motifs are constantly recurring, the bird nest, the mysterious bear figure, the birch. The viewer is torn between the dark forest and the colourful fairytale-like areas, and then all of a sudden, reality, the contemporary, appears and distorts everything - over and over again.

Storytelling is always present in Andreas Poppelier’s work. However the story is never over-explicit. Instead there are only fragments, cut-up stories that are spread around. There is a darkness in Andreas Poppelier’s work that attracts; indistinct figures hiding in the shadows, blurred faces, objects reminding one of wigs are lying around alone. The message is subtle, but you can sense both a political and a topical undertone in several works. Sometimes it’s more obvious, such as in the work entitled,”You Have Found Happiness In Slavery Congratulations To You”. A lukewarm irony appears in the meeting between the monumental shape and the straightforward title. The titles are important to the art; sometimes they are as important as the work itself. They can be a very direct interpretation of the artwork but they can also be the result of collected words and sentences from books and films, but mostly from song lyrics.

Andreas Poppelier is a diverse storyteller; he chooses the medium and expression through the subject. This variation has become part of his artistry, not to stay within one way of expression, continuing to investigate ways to formulate his ideas. A past within the graffiti culture and an interest in tattoos is noticeable but these cultural preferences have a place in Poppelier’s artistry together with an interest for, among others, renaissance paintings. Nothing is too high or low, something which can be seen in the works displayed at Galleri Thomas Wallner. Everything should be taken seriously.

Andreas Poppelier has a Master Degree from the Malmö Art Academy. He has exhibited, both solo and in group shows, at Ping-Pong in Malmö, Arnstedt & Kullgren in Båstad, Loppraum in Berlin, Donn Roca in Odense and Kuntsi in Wasa.

Andreas Nilsson (Original text in Swedish, not translation)
Exhibition Assistant
Dunkers kulturhus

Ur funktion.
Wood, grip tape, plastic bag. 64 x 236 x 159 cm. 2008.

Behaving irreproachable in an impossible situation.
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 38 x 46. 2008.

Den excentriske lorden. (The excentric lord)
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 38 x 46. 2008.

Darkness be my blanket.
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 38 x 46 cm. 2008.

You have found happiness in slavery Congratulations to you
Wood, chains, acrylic, spray paint. 110 x 110 x 130 cm. 2008.

If it´s not the crucifixion, it´s the holocaust
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 38 x 46 cm. 2008.

Att tillgodose alla var en omöjlighet. Måhända var forumet illa valt
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 38 x 46 cm. 2008.

Show me what I only know the limits of.
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 65 x 81 cm. 2008.

This strange machinery.
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 65 x 81 cm. 2008.

Uppgång och fall
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas.  200 x 130 cm. 2008.

Black Flag.
  Acrylic and and ink on paper.
71 x 100 cm. 2008.

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Andreas Poppelier

Born in Eskilstuna 1973, lives and work in Malmö.

1998-2003 - Master of fine art, Malmö Art Academy.
1997-1998 - Art school of Idun Lovén, Stockholm.

Solo exhibitions:
2008 - You have found happiness in slavery Congratulations to you, Galleri Thomas Wallner, Malmö, SE.
2008 - Konst i vården, Skåne, SE.
2007 - This is Not Paradise, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö, SE.
2007 - Uncanny Valley. DUNK!, Copenhagen, DK. (feat. Jonas Liveröd)
2006 - Various Positions, Ping-Pong gallery, Malmö, SE.
2005 - Arnstedt & Kullgren, Båstad SE.
2003 - Solipsism, Pictura gallery, Lund SE.
2003 - Ascension to virginity, Peep Gallery, Malmö, SE.
2002 - Different strokes, Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö, SE.

Selected group exhibitions:
2009 - Ett skamfilat skimmer, Galleri Thomas Wallner c/o Norra Skolan, Brantevik, SE.
2009 - Open Art, Örebro, SE.
2009 - Avtryck, Eskilstuna 350 år, Formverk, Eskilstuna, SE.
2009 - Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE.
2009 - Welcome to the garage. DUNK!, Copenhagen, DK.
2008 - Through the Looking Glass, SWG3-Studio Warehouse Glasgow, GB.
2008 - Arnstedt & Kullgren, Båstad SE.
2008 - Botnik Space Off-08, Gerlesborg, SE
2008 - Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE.
2008 - Artists interpret music by Ljudbilden & Piloten, Pictura, Lund, SE.
2007 - Alt_Cph, Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair, DK.
2007 - The Opening, Donn Roca, Odense, DK.
2007 - En vecka i solen, Botnik Studios, Gerlesborg, SE
2007 - I LOVE MALMÖ, Kuntsi museum of modern art, Vasa, FIN.
2007 - The Comort and the Joy of Feeling Lost, Kabusa Konsthall, Köpingebro, SE
2007 - I LOVE MALMÖ, Turku Art Museum, Turku FIN.
2006 - Art Music Skills, Mazettihuset, Malmö. SE
2006 - Kabusa Konsthall ,Köpingebro. SE
2005 - The Remix Project (Malmö Remix), Cirkulationscentralen ,Malmö, SE
2005 - 10 year anniversary of Malmö Art Academy, Rooseum, Center of Contemperary Art, Malmö, SE
2005 - Sydkraft , der junge kunst aus südschweden, Loopraum ,Berlin, D.
2004 - Album, Eskilstuna Museum of Art, SE.
2004 - Arnstedt & Kullgren, Båstad, SE.
2003 - Diesel New Art, Stockholm, SE Jury selected exhibition.
2003 - Pictura gallery, Lund, SE. Selected group of artists from Malmö Art Academy.
2000 - 20 konstnärer, Eskilstuna Museum of Art, SE.
1998 - En face, G gallery, Eskilstuna, SE.
1996 - SKIN, art community, Nyköping, SE.

Eskilstuna Museum of Art
Malmö Museum of Art
Region Skåne
Brask Collection, DK

2009 - Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
2009 - Längmanska Kulturfonden
2008 - Malmö Stads Ateljéstipendium.
2005 - Ellen Trotzigs stipendium.
2003 - Eva och Hugo Bergmans stip.fond via Kungliga akademin för de fria konsterna.

2009 - Spesial Nord, art publication. Made the cover.
2009 - Avtryck, exhibition catalouge.
2009 - CirkulationsCentralen, exhibition catalouge 2004 - 2008.
2008 - Supermarket Art Fair Catalouge with DUNK!
2007 - Represented in Publikation, with CirkulationsCentralen.
2006 - Artistic presentation, Pequod magazine, text by Per Bergström.
2005 - The Remix Project, presented in the Svensson magazine.
2005 - Malmö Art Academy -the first ten years.
2004 - Album, exhibition catalouge.
2003 - Diesel New Art -publication to the juryselected DNA exhibition.
1999 - The year 2000 art calender, put together by Eskilstuna Art Museum.

2008 - Book cover for Pequod literary magazine.
2008 - Lecture at Malmö Konsthall.
2008 - Initiated a new project space "On the Wall" at CirkulationsCentralen.
2008 - Part of the group that curates the gallery at CirkulationsCentralen
2007 - Editions for Dunk! gallery. Info at
2007 - Curated, wrote exhibition text and installed "The Comort and the Joy of Feeling Lost" at Kabusa Konsthall.
2007 - Participated at Supermarket Art Fair.
2006 - Participated at Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair.
2006 - Poster design for swedish public radio (SRP3), Inkonst theatre etc.
2006 - Illustrations for "The Quote Book"
2006 - T-shirt design for Repeater / Mejeriet in Lund.
2006 - Art and interior decoration job at Inkonst in Malmö.
1999 - 2009 - Album covers, posters, backdrops and webdesign.





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