Fredrik Norén

In my art practice surfaces and objects are processed as symbols. Ordninary objects from our close environment are transformed into forms without any clear function and well known surfaces are allowed to move freely and change. Usually the items used are those which exist in the periphery, things we take for granted and therefore not always see. Questions about form and function is a reoccuring theme, as well as references to art history.
In my works our close environment transcends from being static and evident into becoming uncertain and questioning. The changes made within the objects, and the result thereof, have a clear symbolic attachment to ourselves, our own patterns of emotion and/or our relation to our surroundings.
By working with the ordinary and well known I´m attempting to acquire a new understanding for the environment we live in and create a situation where its building parts no longer are taken for granted. I want to decimate the functional object into mere form in order to determine what functions enter when the prior ones are eliminated and to present the beauty of everyday objects in a new light. It´s my aim to twist the well known to a degree where it stands on the borderline to minimalistic sculpture, without ever fully crossing over into pure abstraction. There are always details remaining that inevitably reminds of the original purpose of the object. In this way the new, altered object illustrates an embellished decay, where the lack of function seems beautiful.

Back down,  2010

Palette pallet, 2010

Layers/Canvas (vertically centered), 2010

Layers/Quadruple canvas, 2010


Appearing structure, 2010

Screwup, 2010

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