Vesa-Pekka Rannikko

”Looking with the poet at the picture of
the mountain”

17 nov - 19 dec. Opening sat 17 nov 12-16.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko is a 2007 nominee for the Carnegie Art Award for Nordic painting, the 2006 Stina Krooks Stiftelse Award, Fine Art Association of Finland Ducat Prize (2003) as well as many other awards and government grants. His work can be found in public and private collections such as Kiasma, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki City Art Museum, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Arabia Museum and The Fine Arts Association of Finland in Helsinki.

A core problem of my work has been the issue of how to create a piece, a work of sculpture, that could also be experienced and conceived as a picture. I prepare figurative sculptures from colored plaster and acrylic paste so that the piece itself already gains the feeling of light. These works create a paradox in which the sculpture itself as a three-dimensional object is at the same time in space and light, representing some other situation signified by the light and shadow worked into it. The work is then simultaneously present in the past and present; the sculpture is at once the observer and object which is observed

Through the choice of themes of my works, I also seek to create a dialogue between the figurativeness of the theme and the manner of representation of the work itself.. Essential for content is the chain of meanings that arises between the initial two-dimensional picture and the final sculpture, which can also be interpreted as an image.

My exhibitions are often composed of works of highly different themes. In an exhibition as a whole, I aim at constructing networks of meaning with which the works are connected to each other. There is often a single work in each showing that assembles the theme.

”Looking with the poet at the picture of the mountain”

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) has written a poem called “Lapiz lazuli” (1939). In that poem Yeats draws a parallel between the time before the Second World War in Western world and Chinese ancient civilization. In the poem he depicts a chinese miniature sculpture which he has gotten for his 70th birthday. Sculpture is carved picture of landscape or mountain as a landscape. Trees, buldnings and people are as a relief on the surface of stone. There is a sense of distance and lancapeness in the sculpture. Yeats’ sculpture is made of Lapiz Lazuli stone which is also a original raw material of ultramarine blue pigment.

In the exhibition in galleri Thomas Wallner there is a three dimensional work which has had its starting point in a photography of Yeats*s sculpture. Yeats in his poem changes the medium of expression from sculptural object to written text. That is parallel to a process of transforming a photo to a three dimensonal form. The same picture is looked together but completely in different situation.

More images

Man falling backwards, 2007.
Acrylic paste. 53x43x30 cm.

Lapis (1), 2007.
Acrylic paste. 51x45x19 cm.

Specimen, 2007.
Body-tinted plaster. 90x30x25 cm.

Cv -Vesa-Pekka Rannikko


1993-98 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Department of Media Studies
1996 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Media Arts
1989-95 MA, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Department of Ceramics and Glass
1988-89 University of Oulu, Department of Architecture

Solo Exhibitions

2007 Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, NY
Gallery Husa, Tampere
Terrarium, Eskiltuna Art Museum, Sweden
Örebro konsthall, Sweden
2006 Gathering, Galerie Anhava, Helsinki
Casting, Pori Art Museum, Project Room
Staging, Nelimarkka museum, Alajärvi
2004 Fiktio (Fiction), Gallery Artina, Helsinki
Gallery K, Huittinen
2003 Amos Anderson Art Museum (with Markus Kåhre)
2001 Galleri Leena Kuumola, Helsinki
2000 Välillä (In Between), Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki
Uusia töitä (New Works), Galleria Titanik, Turku
1998 Kluuvin Galleria, Helsinki
1997 Ero (Difference), Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
Nyt (Now), Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki
1995 Kiven voittaa paperi (Paper Beats Stone), Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 Zoo, Gallerie Anhava, Helsinki
Boogie Woogie, Helsinki Kunsthalle
2006 Flower as Picture, Gallerie Anhava ,
Eye to Eye, Anttolanhovi, Anttola
Moving in Margins, Vantaa Artmuseum,
2005 Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China
Purnu, Orivesi
Labyrith, Fiskars
Turku Biennale, Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku
WIEW05, Forum Box, Helsinki
MUU 18 v., Kunsthalle Helsinki
Betonia (Concrete), Aune gallery, Kerava Artmuseum, Kerava
Riihigallery, Kuhmoinen
Finnish Artists' Association Annual Exhibition, Kunsthalle Helsinki,
2004 European Triennal of Small-scale Sculpture, gallerija Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
Vaiheilla, Nakkila
2003 Forum Box, Helsinki
K´03, South Karelia Art Museum, Lappeenranta
Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä
Suvi-Pinx, Sysmä
2002 Finnish Artists' Association Annual Exhibition, Kunsthalle Helsinki
2001 Galleria K, Huittinen
Aniceto Ortega 117, Mexico City
1998 Artgenda98, Stockholm
1997 Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki Spring Exhibition, Helsinki
In&Spiritum, Galleria Rajatila , Tampere
Impermanent, Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki
Ja yöllä tuuli kääntyy (And in the Night the Wind Changes) ,
1996 Kaukolämpöä (District Heating), former Criminal Investigation Department premises, Helsinki
Nurkka (Corner), Museum of Jakobstad
Lumo (Enchantment), Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki
1995 Exhibition of Young Artists, Kunsthalle Helsinki
1994 Exhibition of Young Artists, Kunsthalle Helsinki
1993 Exhibition of Young Artists, Kunsthalle Helsinki
Toimintaan on varauduttava (We Must Prepare for Action), Galleria Uusikuva, Kotka and Jyväskylä City Library
1992 Exhibition of Young Artists, Kunsthalle Helsinki
Rajoilla (Borderlands), Regional exhibition of Uusimaa province, Helsinki
Annilla, Gallery Allinna, Riihimäki
Interaction in Ceramics, University of Art and Design Helsinki
1991 Exhibition of Young Artists, Kunsthalle Helsinki
Reaktioita (Reactions), Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art

Art Fairs

2007 Art Bruxelles, Galerie Anhava
2006 Artforum Berlin, Galerie Anhava
Art Bruxelles, Galerie Anhava
Art Copenhagen, Galerie Anhava
Market, Stockholm, Galerie Anhava

Performances with BAR (Björn Aho, Stig Baumgartner, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko)

2001 DIA, Amorph 01, Helsinki
2000 A method, performance and installation, Momentum Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway
Method#3, Ex Teresa Arte Actual performance festival, Mexico City, Mexico
Brother, performance and installation, Paletten performance festival, Gothenburg, Sweden
1999 Tekotapa (Method), performance and installation, Galleria Push Firma Beige, Helsinki

Performances with NE+

2001 Palo (Burning), Brrrr live art festival, Porto, Portugal
1998 Palo (Burning), Artgenda98, Stockholm
1997 Palo (Burning), ON performance festival, Reykjavik, Iceland
Ja yöllä tuuli kääntyy (And in the Night the Wind Changes), Finnish Artists' Associations summer festival, Riihimäki

Video Festivals and Screenings

2006 Wiew 2006, The Korjaamo Culture Factory, Helsinki
Vera Film Festival, Marienhamn, Åland
2002 Club Night, Galleri Leena Kuumola, Helsinki
2000 Neige sur neige, Quebec, Canada
1999 Nuit Blanche, Nordic Videotour (including):
Montevideo, Amsterdam
Moderna museet, Stockholm
Uppsala Konstmuseum
Salon 3, London, England
Kunstahalle Basel, Switzerland
Soros Center, Zagreb, Croatia
Modena Galerie, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Soros Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Soros Center, Kiev, Ukraine
Museum Ludvig, Budapest, Hungary
1998 Soros Center, Bratislava, Slovakia Soros Center, Chsnau, Moldovia
VideoKapuum, Galleria Titanik Turku
Nuit Blanche, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
1997 AV-Biennale, Lahti
MuuMedia festival, Helsinki

Other Artistic Activities

1998 Live installation project, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki and Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
1994 Three short films (Group Hanna Pajala, Aku Louhimies, V-P Rannikko) Screened at the TV1 Gabriel-bakkanaali
1993 Video set design together with Marika Orenius for dance performance Aliisa, enkelintekijä (Aliisa, the Angel Maker) by Jussi Nousiainen, Helsinki
1991 Lokakuu (November) project, performance project by Zodiak and Venus Theatre, Helsinki Purkusaneeraus (Demolition Redevelopment), performance, Night of the Arts, Helsinki
1988-89 Actor and set designer in the Oulu Student Theatre


Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma,?Finland
Helsinki City Art Museum?
Eskilstuna Art Museum
Amos Anderson Art Museum?
Arabia Museum?
Sara Hilden Art Museum
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation?
Fine Arts Association of Finland?
Saastamoinen Foundation, Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland
SOK Group, Helsinki
Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland
Pohjola Group Pic, Finland
Private Collections in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belguim, the Netherlands

Public Works

2000 Approx. 6 Billion Kilometres, Mellunmäki Primary School, Helsinki

Grants and Awards

2007 Carnegie Art Award, Kiasma, Helsinki
2006 Stina Krooks Stiftelse Award
2004 1-year government grant
2003 Fine Arts Association of Finland Ducat Prize
University of Jyväskylä, Ylistönrinne sculpture competition 2nd place,
Honorary mention?Uutela district invited competition (City of Helsinki), 3rd place
The Arts Council of Finland?Alfred Kordelin Foundation ?
City of Helsinki, project grant?Ministry of Education grant for the public use of works of art
2002 Fine Arts Association of Finland?Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Fund
Raimo Utriainen Foundation award
2001 VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art
2000 1-year government grant
1999 The Arts Council of Finland?Alfred Kordelin Foundation
1998 Paulo Foundation ?Finnish Cultural Foundation, Varsinais-Suomi Fund
1997 The Arts Council of Finland, project grant?City of Helsinki?Ministry of Education
1996 Arabia Cultural Foundation
1992 Arabia Cultural Foundation


2006 Valos, catalogue, texts by: Tarja Pitkänen-Walter, Laura Selin, and Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Pori Art Museum Roger Gustaffsson: The magic of the singular, World Sculpture News
2005 Taidetta koteihin, artist presentation, YLE Teema
2004 Bo Nilsson:Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, European Triennial of Small-Scale sculpture exhibition catalogue, Galerija Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota, Slovenia?Paula Toppila:"The joy of asking and experimenting", Artist of the Month, Frame
2003 Vesa-Pekka Rannikko: text in the K´03 exhibition catalogue, Lappeenranta
2000 Paula Toppila: "A brief introduction to B, A and R", Park (catalogue for the Momentum exhibition), Moss, Norway
1998 Maaretta Jaukkuri: "Stories told and repeated, video works from Finland", Nuit Blanche, Scènes Nordiques: les années 90. exhibition catalogue, Paris 1998 Leevi Haapala: Luolasta kohti auringonvaloa", Kuva magazine, Helsinki

Appointments & Lectures

2004 Lahti Institute of Fine Arts, critique session teacher
Tampere Polytechnic, School of Art and Media, course teacher, lecture
2003 Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, MA project supervision, lectures
Pekka Halonen Academy, lecture, evaluation
2001 MAA Art School, courses, basic instruction in art
2000 Annantalo Arts Centre video courses for children
1994 Espoo School of Art, art courses for children and young people

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