Ann Eringstam


Out of the fog

Since Ann Eringstam completed her Master’s degree at the School of Photography at Gothenburg University in Sweden in 2006, she has dealt with the utopian picture of humanity portrayed in cinema. Eringstam’s images contrast the idealized but unrealistic pictures of fictional reality with our own ideas of reality, norms and identities.

Eringstam’s current exhibition at Thomas Wallner Gallery is a brand new series of photos titled “Out of the Fog”, which is about strong individuals who are hidden behind what we see at first glance. In these images, Eringstam uses fog as a symbol of oppression, bigotry and prejudice. But behind nature’s smokescreen is another reality.

Just like in her previous photo series “In Search of Wonderland” Eringstam uses the magnificence of nature as a symbol for social structures and norms that sometimes seem impossible to see through.

Apart from this exhibition at Thomas WallnerGallery, Eringstam has had solo exhibitions at a number of other galleries and museums including the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki, Kulturhuset in Stockholm, the Eskilstuna Art Museum, the Växjö Art Gallery, Bohusläns Museum in Uddevalla, the Karlskrona Art Gallery and Gallery Mårtenson&Persson. Eringstam has also participated in exhibitions at the Gothenburg Museum of Art and the Hasselblad Center, Liljevalchs Art Gallery in Stockholm ,the Örebro Art Gallery as well as at Polyfoni 1 and 2 again at Thomas Wallner Gallery.

Out of the fog, 2014 Photograph 100 x 150 cm
Out of the fog, 2014 Photograph 100 x 150 cm
Out of the fog, 2014 Photograph 100 x 150 cm