Anna-Carin Englund


Since graduating from Valand School of Fine Art, I have worked entirely as a visual artist.

I both draw and paint and create what I call ”telningar”, which in Swedish becomes a mixture of the words drawing and painting. Telning also means sapling, which in a sense is another definition of my pictures.

The saplings are made on hardboard, on which I put a foundation of light ochre to make it feel closer to drawing paper, and then I use charcoal pencil and oil colour. Sometimes three dimensional objects appear in the images.
People often ask: ”Where do you get all your ideas from? How do you invent what to do?” It just comes from life itself, for example when I am out walking, looking all around; a certain atmosphere, a light, dreams, meetings with people, common consciousness, memories, books, films… Well, everything really.

The most magnificent feeling is when I myself am taken by surprise by something I created: ”What is this? Where did it come from? Oh, this is good! Did I make this?” It is as if it has been given to me by something greater; I am just the tool.

The wonder of painting and drawing is the feeling of being one with what I do and of time ceasing to exist. One of the downsides is not being able to think about anything else than a certain ”problem” in a current image.

Upplösningstillstånd, 2011
Granen, 2011