CM Lundberg, Anders Romare, Stina Stigell och Martin Thelander


CM Lundberg, Anders Romare, Stina Stigell and Martin Thelander do not constitute an art group. They are four individual artists with varied expressions, who use different techniques ranging from text based art, sculpture and water colours to installations. At this exhibit they will show scribbles, text based painting, water colours depicting caves, a three meter long pencil and mixed media created from broken head lights.

Over the years they have followed each others work, studio as well as exhibits, with interest and a strong sense of solidarity. Putting together an exhibit that combines their very different expressions therefore results in something larger than the sum of its parts. You cannot define what it is exactly; fantasy, dynamic passion, unexpected cross fertilization and visions about the future.

CM Lundberg, Anders Romare, Stina Stigell and Martin Thelander are all from Stockholm, where they attended The Royal University College of Fine Arts (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) together and graduated between 1999 and 2001. In addition to their separate careers they work together from time to time. This is their third joint exhibit. At Kabusa Konsthall in 2004 Krisitina Matousch was a participant as well.

CM Lundberg is a drawer who has created a language of his own. It cuts, scratches and emits sparks like a fist in the middle of water lilies, in a landscape so bare that the concrete has turned abstract. His latest exhibits are “Apcentrum” at Gallery Niklas Belenius and “Autistisk kilskrift” at Färgfabriken, both in Stockholm. Publications have been issued in connection with both exhibits.

Anders Romare most often works in water colour. Through his pictures he tells stories, tales and anecdotes with lavish dreams . His pictures are about himself and the world we live in but there is also certain escapism with opportunity for reflection. His latest exhibits include a one person show at Gallery Knäpper & Baumgarten in Stockholm as well as contributions to “Complexity of Life” at Södra Karelens Art Museum in Willmarstrand and the Art Museum in Åbo.

Stina Stigell works with inspiration from everyday, easily recognizable objects whose content and meaning is changed or transferred in different directions. The pieces have elements of the absurd and surreal. Her latest exhibits took place at Gallery Niklas Belenius in Stockholm and at the Museum of Art in Ystad. As well, she was a participant in the exhibit “20 år” (20 years) at Bonniers Konsthall, also in Stockholm.

Martin Thelander works with abstract visual word art, painting, print making and sculpture. He has had a one man show at Gallery Ping Pong in the city of Malmö and recently took part in a group show at Linnés Hammarby together with, amongst others, Christine Ödlund and Fredrik Söderberg. Martin’s work has also been featured in books and publications.

Martin Thelander ”Holland” 2004 Akryl på duk, installation.
Anders Romare ”Hamnen under jorden” 2007 Akvarell. 34 x 25 cm
CM Lundberg ”Apcentrum”, diptyk 2007 Tusch på papper. 50 x 72 cm
Stina Stigell ”Lemonboy” 2007 Collage
Martin Thelander ”Opera” 2004 Installation på Kabusa Konsthall
Anders Romare ”Jag ägnade inte en tanke åt vare sig solen, stjärnorna, månen, husen eller städerna” 2007 Akvarell. 31,5 x 18 cm
CM Lundberg ”Innanmäte” 2007 Tusch & Blyerts på papper. 72 x 50 cm
Stina Stigell ”Good old Essingeleden” 2007 Mixed media. 98 x 156 cm