Disa Rytt


Line of Flight

My painting practice is founded on a thorough investigation of the properties of painting as such: stretcher frame, color and canvas. As a part of paintings premises I also consider light, time and the room in which the work are installed.
From a norm critical perspective and through reflections on queer phenomenology, I explore the imageability of painting.
In my work the physical space merge with the pictorial, the transparent canvases placed off the wall allows the framework and the room behind them to shine through. Light filters and creates a play of shadows which in turn provides an additional dimension to the paintings. They pass into a complex imageability where the physical space, light and perception are active co-creators.

I experience my work process as a smooth plain where thinking wanders freely and unstructured. Painting visualizes thinking through the gestures of my body, the nomadic thought is seeking its context, its physical form.

I am interested in the relationship between the aspect of dynamic time in a process, and the staticity of form. In my recent works the territory of the painting is marked with a sharp pink edge around the canvas. When the gaze crosses the pink line and moves on to the object placed a bit further on the wall, the pictorial space expand.
In the intersection between image and space the stability of the defined image plane is abandoned in favor of a process of continous ”becoming”.
At that moment the premises of painting seems to open up to a space somewhere between the smooth plains of thought and the structured gallery room. The coming- to-visibility as such, is what holds my attention.

Disa Rytt was born 1984 in Lidköping, Sweden. She currently lives and works in Stockholm. In 2012 she graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and has since then exhibited in different venues in Sweden. In 2013 she was awarded the Baertling- scholarship.

Line of Flight, 2016, Acrylic and gezzo on polyester and aluminium 60 x 130 cm and 65 x 70 cm
Line of Flight, 2016, closeup
Untitled, 2016, Akrylic on aluminium and polyester 2 x 220 x 60 cm and 35 x 40 cm
Untitled, 2016, closeup
Untitled, 2016, acrylic and gezzo on polyester, 130 x 60 cm