Henrik Jörgensen


Tale of moments

In his show ”Tale of Moments” Henrik Jørgensen presents new acrylic works that continue his exploration of the relationship between narrative and formality. With motives staging realistic situations such as the vigilant gaze of a girl partly hiding her face behind a pillow, a group of boys in a landscape, a distant helicopter passing above or the tense questioning at a military checkpoint the works of the show bring together narrative strategies familiar from painting, newsmedia, cartoons and commercials.
The title”Tale of Moments” can be regarded as a poetic description of what a narrative is, namely a chain of moments held together by a given narrative principle. But the title may also point to that narrative power with which the moment when isolated or frozen from its temporal context is saturated. We experience the world as streams of events in time as well as situations given in space. With its motley collection of narrative moments the show points to a basic loneliness in the challenge of making sence of the world as a stream of images and questions the way in which our experiences are formed.
The works are all made of separate layers of shaped acrylic plates and the works make use of the methods of painting, drawing and sculpture. Their figurative narratives emerge in the interplay of the individual parts on the plane and in depth. The realization process of the works enters the story as cutaways laying bare the underlying colours and as compositional dispositions of layers of plates. Contrasts of light and dark and warm and cold colours together with lines and contours make the narratives come forth.
The shiny surfaces of the works and their shapes often cut in irregular anglescreate reflections and perspective lines of perception visually leading space into the works and simultaneously opening the works toward the space of the spectator.

Girl Acrylic, 2014 91 x 188 x 1,7 cm
Man sleeping Acrylic, 2014 106 x 175 x 2,1 cm
Checkpoint Acrylic, 2014 105 x 146 x 3,3 cm
Model Acrylic, 2014 57 x 104 x 2 cm