Jessica Faiss


Swiss-born artist Jessica Faiss, born 1973, graduated from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2002. She has exhibited in various venues in Sweden and internationally. She lives in Stockholm.

Jessica Faisshas chosen the seemingly static video loop as her working material. She startswith footage of continuous states, repeated actions, monotonous sequences. Hersubject-matter sometimes forms a natural temporal and visual loop already onthis initial level of observation. She may shoot from inside a driverlesscommuter train (Odaiba, 2004) or record an eventless car ride through asplattered windshield (Desert, 2001). Her videos may also be predicated onman-made objects, but in their finished state it is no longer possible to tellwhether these are inanimate or animate (Boots, 2002; Runway, 2002). Shereformulates the ’empty time’ we may experience as we perform necessary buttransitory routines. She articulates our longing for ’simplified imagery’. Sheputs her own visuals through a process of intuitive and precise editing thatcharges them with invisible speculation. We are not surprised to hear thatJessica Faiss has come to video through painting… From pressrelease exhibition POOL, Mia Sundberg Gallery.

Swiss born Faiss, now living and working out of Sweden, moves between video, photography, performance and painting. Her work has been shown in Japan, Sweden, Germany and Italy. In Smoke, Desert and Halong one can feel a presence of something unspoken. It is a tension partly created via the movement within the frame, along the dominating visual line. The suspense keeps building up with a set of minimal components. The expectation on something to interfere with the solid, slow movement increases as the films goes on. In Faiss work there is no editing between scenes, it is the natural movement of smoke, or the journey along the direction of the river or road that contributes to creating the dynamics.The works border on being inner and outer landscapes, dreams and reality. The solitude prevails over the motion creating sceneries with a distinct form of presence, abject but at the same time mesmerizing and mystic rather than fearful, an inner contemplation and mystical union with nature. From a view Nomad gallery, Anna Viola Hallberg vinter 2010

SURRENDER- is filmed inTokyo, from a bus. I reversed the pictureand we get the impression that we are driving into a tunnel. Screaming andcalming in the same time.The music by MichaelKlimczak is accenting the effect of loneliness.

REWIND-is filmed inTokyo, from a bus. I reversed the picture in a different way and we discover alot of heaven, and sometimes we feel like diving in a big lake in the sunset. The video has no sound(yet)

SOLACE-isfilmed from a train north Sweden. I filmed from left window and from rightwindow and put them together in a dyptic-installation.
The sound is composed byAngelo Badalamenti (For David Lynch) and only to use with the permission of the artist.

EXHALE-isfilmed from the back of a train. The journey shows us a landscape in autumn.The picture is laterally reversed and that creates a feeling of being in asuspended garden or in a tunnel. The sound is composed by Angelo Badalamenti(For David Lynch)

Rewind, 2011, Video, 9 min, loop
Rewind, 2011, Video, 9 min, loop
Surrender, 2011, Video, 12 min
Surrender, 2011, Video, 12 min
Paradise now, 2011 Photo on water-colour paper 23 x 70 cm