Sigrid Sandström



This exhibition sets out as a reflection on the provisional and speculative within painting. And specifically how through the process of construction, the painted place unfolds, is determined, and attains significance. These paintings are created without a preconceived notion of a given place, and neither are they illustrative of imaginary places. Instead, while working in the studio, the immediacy of the painting practice establishes a place, in and of itself. This notional place develops through the haptic process of painting. The cumulative activity of adding layer-upon-layer, is the evidential aftermath of mental engagement which in turn insinuates and provokes the next painterly response. Thereby this active place of meaning is redolent with discoveries and surprises. The medium itself (liquid paint) slows down thinking according to the speed of application, which in my practice creates a process that is patient and stubborn, waiting for the right moment when things fall into place. Each painting is a visual moment where the plasticity of space is tested and challenged by the painted surface and vice verse. Recurrent in the paintings are areas of under-determinacy; white expanses that could be suggestive of beginnings, or as reconsiderations: literal blank sheets.

No title 2008 Acrylic on canvas 122 x 165 cm
No title 2008 Acrylic on canvas 122 x 132 cm
No title 2008 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 132,5 cm
No title 2008 Acrylic on canvas 40 x 51 cm